Stacey Solomon decorates Pickle Cottage for Easter and gives pool update

Stacey Solomon has decorated her beloved Pickle Cottage for Easter.

The Loose Women star, 32, took to Instagram today and shared with her followers that her family home was undergoing a makeover for the holidays.

She started by decorating her front door, telling fans: “Spent the morning trying to do some more to the Easter door. Don’t judge it yet I have SO much more to do I’m trying to bulk it out [heart emoji].

“I think I prefer the right side with less so I’m going to pull apart the right side a bit and then pull them all around and cut out any sticky out bits and then start on some papier-mâché eggs.”

Stacey Solomon has decorated Pickle Cottage for Easter
Stacey Solomon has decorated Pickle Cottage for Easter

The Loose Women star showed off her home
The Loose Women star showed off her home

Stacey looked excited as she got to work on decorating her humble abode for her three sons and daughter.

The star later showed off further home updates as she gave fans a tour of the new pool – which appeared to be coming together nicely.

She filmed the pool in her garden, while giving a voiceover.

Stacey said the sides of the pool were ready to be rendered and tiled before the cover could be put on.

In recent days, the former X Factor star made headlines as she hit back at a troll who criticised her and fiancé Joe Swash’s love life with a hilarious come back.

While providing an update on how her bathroom is coming along, the mum-of-four slammed “Terry the troll”.

In an Instagram Story she and Joe, 40, were cuddled up on the sofa and Stacey told followers: “Rex has just abandoned us and gone to my sister’s because he wants to play with his cousins, so it’s just me, Joe and Rose – and Rose is about to have a nap I think.”

She has been working hard on renovating their cottage
She has been working hard on renovating their cottage

With one thing on the brain, Joe cheekily said: “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

But Stacey threw cold water over those plans and said: “Yeah I’m thinking we should clean the house while there is no one there to ruin it.”

A disappointed Joe looked at the camera: “That’s not what I was thinking,” he grumbled.

The mum-of-five sniggered: “You are not doing what you were thinking.”

Stacey took herself off to her “mermaid bathroom” after revealing that Joe didn’t like the cleaning suggestion and had opted for a nap instead.

After filming the stunning bathroom, Stacey shared her new toilet with fans – which is beige to match the rest of the room.

Stacey Solomon
Stacey Solomon

But one fan slid into her DMs with the message: “You would rather go and see your beige toilet than have alone time with husband… you got probs Stace”.

In a hilarious come back, Stacey videoed her new throne and said: “I’m not being funny Terry, but can you blame me?

“I mean look at it! Feel free to come over and have as much alone time with Joe as you like, I’ll be right here,” she laughed.

She added the caption: “Terry the troll is not happy I’ve left Joe to watch sword programmes while I sit and stare at the toilet”.

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