Sharon Osbourne tried to strangle Piers Morgan but Jerry Springer pulled her off

Sharon Osbourne once tried to strangle Piers Morgan, but talk show host Jerry Springer stepped in and pulled her off.

Piers, 57, and Sharon, 69, are currently preaching about free speech and the benefits of healthy debate, as they attempt to drum up interest in their latest work venture together.

The pair have both landed brand new TV presenting gigs, where they predict they’ll engage in “vigorous debate” throughout their respective shows.

“Real friendship should give you that openness to be so truthful. That’s what you do with people who are real friends,” Sharon told The Sun during a joint interview alongside Piers.

“You can say what you feel, you can get really angry with each other and boom, the next day we’re back on again.”

Sharon Osbourne, Piers Mogran
Sharon Osbourne once tried to strangle Piers Morgan over dinner

Jerry Springer
Thankfully for Piers, Jerry Springer was on hand to pull her off

But Sharon and the former Good Morning Britain presenter haven’t always seen eye to eye.

Back when the mum-of-three joined the America’s Got Talent team in 2007, a dinner turned nasty when Sharon tried to strangle the dad-of-four.

Recalling the experience on Loose Women in 2017, Piers said: “I get a call saying there’s going to be a change of judges and Sharon will be joining. I thought it awkward, as I’ve written some not entirely flattering things about her.

Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan
Sharon and Piers haven’t always been so close and cosy

“We went for dinner, Ozzy was there, dinner was OK.

“I said something a little confrontational, but next thing Sharon had run up behind me – all the execs were there – and begins to strangle me to death.

He continued: “Ozzy was trying to get her off. Eventually Jerry Springer, of all people, had to pull her off.”

Both Sharon and Piers launch their new shows on Talk TV later this month – Sharon’s first TV venture since her controversial exit from The View last year.

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon resigned from The Talk in March 2021

The star opted to quit the American talk show in March 2021, following a heated on-air discussion regarding racism, alongside allegations of racist comments, led to an internal investigation by CBS.

The on-air incident occurred when Sharon launched a passionate defense of her pal Piers, who had recently departed Good Morning Britain due to his controversial comments regarding Meghan Markle and her experience with poor mental health.

“Like Nelson Mandela when he came out of prison, it’s like the long walk to free speech freedom,” Piers declared in his new interview.

Piers Morgan
Piers compared ‘cancel culture’ to Covid-19

“People say cancel culture doesn’t exist, well tell that to Sharon. She spent a year in the wilderness, unemployable in America, where she’d been a massive star for decades.”

“Simply, her crime was tweeting that I was entitled to my opinion. She didn’t even agree with it.”

Piers then went on to discuss what he believes to be ‘cancel culture’ further – claiming it is just as dangerous as the deadly viral disease Covid-19.

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