Rebekah Vardy shares strict parenting rule and why she’s ‘bad cop’ to Jamie’s good

Rebekah Vardy has opened up about about her strictly parenting style with husband Jamie and admits she’s the ‘bad cop’ in their household.

The couple, who this week released their first children’s book together, are hands on parents to six kids.

Speaking at the launch of their new joint venture, Becky told how restricting screen time and encouraging her kids to turn to books instead has caused a backlash amongst some of her brood.

“It’s one of our big things – and the kids hate us for it – but I think it’s so important that with everything that’s going on at the moment, that kids are just allowed to be kids.

“The kind of messages you can get from books are just invaluable and you can’t get that from a PlayStation or the iPad,” said the mum.

Rebekah and Jamie Vardy launch their first children’s book together – Cedric the Little Sloth with a Big Dream

Rebekah, 40, is mum to daughter Megan, 17, and son Taylor, 11, from previous relationships, and shares Sofia, six, Finlay, four, and one-year-old Olivia, with Jamie. The footballer, 35, also has 11-year-old daughter Ella from another relationship.

Leicester City striker Jamie revealed that he does the majority of the bedtime reading in the Vardy household.

The dad said he makes a conscious effort to be more hands on with the kids’ routine.

“With my job it’s hard for me to be around constantly. I’m away the vast majority of the time.

“When they were newborns – and this is fair play to Becky – when I had a game she would leave me be to sleep so I could have the energy for the game, so now when it comes to being at home and sorting bed and bath time I wan’t to make sure that I’m doing things and I’m helping out.

Leicester goalscorer Jamie said his football career takes him away from home but he makes up for lost time when he’s back with the kids

“As a dad especially you don’t get to do that much especially if the mum’s breastfeeding. You just feel like a statue in the corner not able to do anything.

“So when it comes to that side of things, I try and do as much as I can with them.”

According to Becky, working with Jamie in a creative sense for their first book was a smooth transition as she explained why they make such a successful team.

The couple pose with their kids on a family holiday

The pair, who have been married six years in May, say they struggle to find any alone time together

“We are a combination of good cop and bad cop,” she says.

“It varies who is who,” jokes Jamie.

“Well I do tend to be the one who says no more often,” admits Rebekah. “Jamie will say yes, but then they know he really means it when he does say no. But when I say it….

“I lose count of how many times I say no in a day, or don’t do that, or come on, put your shoes on!”

The couple admit with such a large family it can be difficult for them to find time for any quality time together alone.

Rebekah said she and Jamie make the perfect team

“I don’t think it exists!” laughs Jamie. “We do get a few nights to just enjoy ‘us time’ but the kids always come first.”

“It’s hard,” adds Becky. “We get the odd night every few months I’d say. Which is nice for us to just relax and try and forget things.”

Jamie says that when work takes him away from home he catches up with Becky on the kids with regular FaceTime calls.

Jame and Rebekah pose for a family photo at the King Power Stadium

However, there is one annoyance that Becky still has with Jamie travelling away.

“I can’t watch any Netflix with Jamie because if we start watching things and he’ll go off on an away trip and he’ll have finished watching it. So there’s no point in starting anything with him,” said Becky.

“But I will happily rewatch the rest of it with you,” Jamie tells her.

Jamie and Rebekah Vardy launch their debut book from their series of books for children they co-authored, in partnership with Little Brother Books. Their first release is titled “Cedric and the Sloth with a Big Dream” RRP £7.99

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