Nicki Minaj opens up about getting injections in her bum to make it bigger

Nicki Minaj has opened up about her past cosmetic enhancements – admitting she once had injections in her bottom to make it look bigger.

The 39-year-old bombshell shot to fame back in 2010 thanks to her incredible rap and vocal skills – but also won over many fans thanks to her incredibly curvaceous figure.

Nicki is well known for her impressive derrière and her 2014 singer Anaconda even samples the classic 1992 song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot which celebrates big bottoms.

Now Nicki is opening up about a past procedure she decided to have boost her appearance – and says being around other rap artists indirectly convinced her to do it.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has discussed getting injections in her bum

Speaking on The Joe Budden Podcast, the music sensation said: “It wasn’t acceptable to have surgery at all or anything. At that time, I had never had surgery. I had ass shots.

“I was in Atlanta at the time and . . . I kept on being around Lil Wayne and them. At that time Wayne, he talking about big booties.

“Wayne would have a new chick in the studio every session so it was always a new big booty there. They were his muses.

“But I just was around them all the time and I was like the little sister with Wayne and Mack Maine.”

Nicki has an army of fans who worship her vocal skills as well as her incredible style

She continued: “All I would hear them talking about is big butts and I didn’t feel complete or good enough – not as good as those girls.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my God – this is what you’re supposed to look like in the rap culture, and I don’t look like that’.”

Nicki’s appearance on the podcast was a hit with fans – with many congratulating her over her frank and open talking points.

The star herself appeared quite taken aback by the positive feedback and later took to Instagram to thank fans for their kind words.

She wrote: “What did you guys think of the @joebudden interview? So many ppl said it was vulnerable & transparent.

“It’s funny, i thought I was always giving that… but you never know how other ppl receive your energy.

“So thanks for the honest feedback.”

Fans continued to gush over Nicki’s appearance and the life insights she shared.

One fan commented: “Love this interview. One of your best.”

While another declared: “I really love how much you articulated every thought you had. This is my fav interview of you by far.”

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