Meet Aron Kiviharju, the 2024 NHL Draft Star

The 2024 NHL draft is still quite far away. We haven’t even made it through the 2022 draft year.

But at the World Under-18 Hockey Championship, which opened today in Germany, Finnish defender Aron Kiviharju is already making a name for himself. He’s been playing above his age group for years now, but what he’s done at the U-20 level in Finland has been record-setting for a U-16 player. 

This tournament might be his coming-out party.

Kiviharju’s calling card as a prospect has been the fact that no matter how many years behind he is on his birth certificate, he has been a step ahead of the competition. He was playing U-16 hockey as a 13-year-old and finished in the top five in U-20 defensive scoring as a 15-year-old. Heck, his numbers would be great for a forward, let alone a defender.

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