Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – Golf Canada

Thank you so much for acknowledging the feat.

I was playing with my cousin Marco C., my usual playing partner, it was the 4th hole par 3. We were playing from the black tees; my watch indicated it was 152 yards to the middle, so I used my 7-iron and the ball was moving left to right, playing the wind accordingly. I saw it bounce on the green, but because of the time of day (5’ish) and glare from the sun off the green, I couldn’t see where it landed.

We drove up to the hole, and I didn’t see my ball on the green, I was looking for it, right of the flagstick, and in the greenside bunker, but didn’t see it. Marco checked the pin and it was in the hole.

I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account (old and wise for that kind of stuff), so taking a picture didn’t cross my mind. We just carried on with the round. The funny thing we didn’t know how to mark it on the score card… is it just a 1 and a rectangle or …. we didn’t know it was two circles…. we know how to mark birdies and bogies and what not …..but for a hole in 1, we had no clue.

Thank you for very much, really do appreciate Golf Canada reaching out.

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