European Coaches Will Factor Into NHL’s Future

Rikard Gronborg

By Jon Rosen

Before installing structure as the first-year coach of Liiga club Mikkelin Jukurit, Olli Jokinen installed a karaoke machine in the team’s dressing room.

“Some guys like to sing a lot,” said 39-year-old center Jarkko Immonen.

The machine hasn’t always been plugged in, but Jukurit players surely have been, prodded by the guidance of a coach who has unquestionably been a boon for organizational culture since being appointed to the position in February 2021. “I’m coaching the team, but I’m the servant for the players, 24/7 for the players,” Jokinen said. “Whatever they need on the ice, off the ice. Help them with the life lessons. Help them with the day-to-day things. Anything, what it means to be a pro.”

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