Clive Myrie insists music is critical when reporting in stressful circumstances

Broadcaster Clive Myrie has told how he feels music is “critical” to help him report from dangerous scenarios.

The BBC journalist, 57, tunes into classical music when he is reporting from some of the world’s most dangerous places and says it helps him decompress and put things into perspective.

He was recently stationed in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv for a fortnight to document the Russian invasion.

He returned to the UK last week and will now make his presenting debut on BBC 3’s Sunday Morning Show.

Clive will take to place of regular host Sarah Walk on the March 20 edition of the show.

Speaking ahead of the broadcast, the broadcaster told the PA news agency how he would often turn to music during his down time while he was in Kyiv.

He said: “Some of the time we were on the curfew, we couldn’t go out and once you’ve got across the news of the day, what was happening with the conflict, I could listen to Radio 4 and Radio 3.

Clive Myrie
Clive Myrie spoke about how music helps during tough reporting duties

“So it’s always been an important part of the work side of my life in being able to take me away from it, just for a few moments. Music in general for me to be honest with you, but classical music in particular.”

He went on to explain how he would choose works by composers such as Sebastian Bach as he travelled in different locations and said how it would reflect his mood in any given situation.

He continued: “Classical music is important to me even when I’m in the most stressful of circumstances.

“In fact, it’s critical to have that in stressful circumstances, because it does help you decompress and it does help you put things in perspective and it does aid meditation sometimes.”

The broadcaster recalled how it was music that helped him a lot during his time in Afghanistan in 1996. It was at this time the works of Bach took on a different meaning for him.

Clive is one of many reporters to have now left Ukraine as the war continues to escalate, but he thinks the BBC’s coverage will continue to be “impressive in terms of volume”.

He noted that the broadcaster still had “numerous teams” working in the country and said he thinks they will keep a “very high presence” for the foreseeable future.

Clive added: “It’s a global story that requires a huge amount of commitment. And while people are leaving, and I left, we’re all looking to get back.

Clive has hosted Mastermind
Clive has hosted Mastermind

“But you’ve got to be able in a stressful situation like that, in the middle of a war, to make the right decisions. And you can’t do that if you’re tired.

“We’re going to be going back, all of us are going to be going back. We just need to recharge the batteries and then get back in.”

Throughout his career, Clive has presented the likes of BBC World News and Mastermind, but the weekend sees his presenting debut on BBC Radio 3.

The broadcaster teased fans with what can be expected, with the likes of Wagner, Stravinsky, Wim Mertens, as well as Bobby McFerrin reinterpreting a song by Van Morrison set to be played.

Clive Myrie presents BBC Radio 3 Sunday Morning on March 20 from 9am to 12pm, sitting in for Sarah Walke.

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