BTS’ Jin Once Got Hit By A Bra Thrown By His Fan At A Live Concert, Here’s What He Did Next!

BTS’ Jin Once Walked Away From ARMYs When A Fan Threw A Bra At His Face
BTS’ Jin Once Walked Away From The Crowd At A Live Concert When A Fan Threw A Bra At His Face(Pic Credit: Instagram/jin)

BTS’ popularity rocketed in the last few years, thanks to their hit music and their ability to connect with the fans through fun interviews and game segments. The boys are not just famous for their powerful stage performances but for the way they treat their fanbase ARMY with utmost love and respect. However, did you know there was a time when the oldest member of the group, Jin was so annoyed with an ARMY that he walked off from the place?

For the unversed, Jin was previously in the news when he wore an ARMY headband at the Seoul concert which was held at the beginning of this month. He has always found unique ways of keeping his fans entertained and we got to see a glimpse of it at Los Angeles when he tied an RJ plushie behind his head while performing for a live audience. The group’s Hyung also put his hair up in two ponytails at the same event, on another day, acting like the bullet-shooting doll from Squid Game.

A few years back BTS was on a special tour and a part of the fandom got to see the angry side of Jin during a live concert. In a video that went viral at that time, the oldest member of Bangtan can be seen approaching the audience to interact with the fans’ BTS Wings Tour in Manila, Philippines. Moments later an object that looked like a bra can be seen falling on his head taking him by complete surprise. The singer took a few seconds to understand what had happened and as soon as he did, he shot the fans with a death glare, clearly displeased with the act. He chose to walk away from the site and a report by Koreaboo suggests that the man was so pissed that he walked all the way to the back of the stage.

There are several versions to this story and one of them suggests that Jin was attacked with a toy and not a bra. However, most fans were just as critical about the situation as the BTS members as social media platforms flooded with opinions on how wrong the anonymous ARMY was to pull off such an explicit stunt. Here’s a look at the video.

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