Actor Billy Baldwin jokes he’ll always be known as Alec Baldwin’s little brother

Billy Baldwin joked that he will always be known as Alec Baldwin ‘s little brother, as he shared a post poking fun at his fame on social media.

The 58-year-old actor is the second youngest of the famous Baldwin siblings – Alec, 63, Daniel, 61, and youngest sibling Stephen, 55 – who have all enjoyed varying degrees of success in Hollywood over the years.

Alec has played a variety of leading and supporting roles in TV shows and movies, such as Beetlejuice, The Departed, and 30 Rock, and has been nominated for several accolades, including an Academy Award, three Golden Globes and a BAFTA.

Billy had a brief Hollywood career, with roles in movies such as Flatliners, alongside Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts, and Backdraft, in which he played Kurt Russell’s younger brother.

Billy poked fun at his fame in a post on Instagram
Billy Baldwin poked fun at his fame in a post on Instagram

While his success has never emulated that of his big brother Alec, Billy has seemingly taken it on the chin, and poked fun at his success in a post on Instagram.

He shared a picture of a movie theatre in the US, which was showing his 1993 erotic thriller Sliver, starring Sharon Stone as his on-screen love interest.

But the description of the film read: “Alec Baldwin’s little brother Billy in Sliver,” next to another board that advertised Charlie Sheen ’s movie Hot Shots! Part Deux.

Billy is the second youngest of the Baldwin brothers
Billy is the second youngest of the Baldwin brothers – pictured (L-R) Billy, Stephen Baldwin, Alec Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin

“Story of my life…” Billy captioned the photo. “Bet my next marquee says ‘Hailey Bieber‘s uncle!!’”

Hailey is the youngest daughter of Stephen Baldwin, and it was thanks to her famous father that she first met pop star Justin when she was a young teenager.

Billy’s followers couldn’t help but chime in with jokes of their own, with one writing in the comments: “Who is Alec?”

“OMG!!! This is so sad AND funny all at the same time!!” another commented.

“You’re the hot Baldwin brother! I remember us girls would argue over who’s the hottest Baldwin brother, and it’s you!” one of Billy’s fans shared.

Billy enjoyed brief success in Hollywood during the 1990s
Billy enjoyed brief success in Hollywood during the 1990s

“Should say Alex Baldwin’s better looking brother,” another agreed.

“Billy will ALWAYS be the best Baldwin!” one follower wrote, as one added: “You’ve always been my fave Baldwin!”

Some of his eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that Charlie Sheen’s movie, which was also showing at the cinema, should’ve touched upon the actor’s dynasty.

“For consistency it should have said Martin Sheen’s son or Emilio Estevez’s brother on the second theater marquee,” one wrote.

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